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Accommodation Partners

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  • hook-up

    Boyne Tannum HookUp (BTHU)

    The Boyne Tannum HookUp is Australia’s Biggest Family Fishing Competition, a 3-day annual event which aims to bring together family, friends, businesses, supports and sponsors from all parts of Australia to the beautiful banks of Bray Park, Boyne Island.  Boyne Tannum HookUp is one of the Gladstone region’s most prestigious and professional events.  BTHU is a not for profit organisation that acts as a platform to raise money for a number of local community groups and to promote the Boyne Tannum area. Facebook.

  • conservation-volunteers

    Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA)

    Conservation Volunteers Australia exists to make a difference. CVA’s purpose is to strengthen the health of our communities and ecosystems. CVA makes it easy for people to care for nature by volunteering on one of their many conservation projects across the country. Contact CVA if you are interested in finding out about joining a local project in the Gladstone region. Facebook.

  • gooreng-gooreng

    Gooreng Gooreng Apical Family Aboriginal Corporation (GGAFAC)

    The Gooreng Gooreng people have been actively operating under different banners over the past 50 years and have a long connection and interest in the Gladstone region, encompassing the Bundaberg, North Burnett and Gladstone Regional Council districts. They number their Apical Ancestors as 13 and had a native title 'Consent Determination' by Judge Dowsett in the Federal Court of Australia in Gladstone in November 2017. The 'Consent Determination' declared 17 Apical Ancestors as providing rights and recognition to all Apical Families of the Gooreng Gooreng, Byeellee, Taribelang Bunda and Gurang Peoples. Gooreng Gooreng Apical Family Aboriginal Corporation (GGAFAC) is currently an auspice body of Gehgre Aboriginal Corporation. Gehgre have their own agenda for local community and celebrate GGAFAC and the Gooreng Gooreng people. Our office space within NFP House is a small step in our corporate plan to realise the potential of the Apical Family and GGAFAC for their future development and wider interest for its membership and its people. If you are interested in finding out more about GGAFAC, please email

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