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Corporate Programs

NFP House has the opportunity to work with industry/businesses to deliver a range of services that support the local community and meets the needs of that business. NFP House can ensure any social or community investment will be measured to determine the impact of that investment.

Workplace Volunteer Framework overview

Finding better ways to engage employees and invest in the community

The current labour market is highly competitive and it is essential for organisations to intentionally remain relevant employers by focusing on innovative recruitment, retention and engagement strategies. Workplace Volunteering is a pioneering tool to address these, inviting employees to volunteer in community organisations. The volunteer opportunities are task-based, time-limited options tailored to the individual and do not have to be in the area they are employed in.

This initiative also has a significant impact on the community by providing this volunteer workforce to community organisations, who have seen a decline in volunteerism in recent years.

Lyndal with Mens Shed BW

Key benefits of the Workplace Volunteer Program:

  • Aids employee engagement and retention by connecting employees with community, providing a purpose, a sense of contribution, building confidence, social connection, learning and fun.
  • Supports specific learning and skill development for volunteering employees, as part of employee development plans, training requests and career development.
  • Provides a team building opportunity if multiple employees volunteer together.
  • If employees are newly relocated to the area, this program assists the family with social connection and community integration. This increases the employee’s engagement and likelihood of staying in the region.
  • If employees are transitioning to retirement, this program assists them to find valued and purpose through volunteering.
  • Community organisations get assistance in a strategic way, providing them with a workforce, as opposed to one-off monetary grants, which may be less impactful.

Employees can link themselves directly to the volunteer opportunity via the NFP House Website Portal, or NFP House can support them with “matchmaking” and managing the relationship to ensure a conducive outcome for employees and the community organisation.

Workplace Volunteer Framework

NFP House has designed and now implementing a Workplace Volunteer Framework that benefits both the workplace and the community. Community organisations are currently suffering due to the lack of volunteers, while the workplaces are struggling with employee engagement, retention of employees and transitioning into retirement. The Framework enables a workplace to select a range of strategies.

Overview WV framework
For more information on the Workplace Volunteering Framework click here

Organisations who have participated in/currently participating in a Workplace Volunteer Program include:


Other Corporate Programs

Communication – ‘Sharing the Stories’

An opportunity exists for NFP House to highlight the significant investment that industry/businesses contribute into the Gladstone Region. The aim of this service is to coordinate, stimulate and create third party advocacy to actively improve community perception of industry/business contributions.

‘Sharing the Stories’ captures, curates, and circulates the impact that investments have for those organisations who receive the funding and the wider community.

 Contact us for more information about how your organisation can participate in Workplace Volunteering.

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