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We are all navigating our way through this unprecedented event and it is essential that we understand how our activities are being impacted and what we can do to manage the related risks. NFP House is here to help. Each organisation will have experienced the impacts of the pandemic in different ways. To enable us to best assist your organisation, we recommend a (free of charge) appointment with us as soon as possible. Please don’t wait until things ‘go back to normal’ as this period offers its own unique opportunities to get plans in place for critical next steps. Contact us and we will arrange a phone or video call.

NFP House’s business model allows us to offer our professional services at rates more affordable to NFPs than standard market rates. We understand that even at below market rates, what might be affordable to one organisation may not be affordable to another. We will always try to provide options that either fit your budget or suggest a way forward to meet your needs and achieve your goals.

NFP House does not receive funding to operate. Our business model is what makes NFP House unique. Our model is similar to a pro-bono structure. ‘Pro bono publico’ (for the public good) activity usually involves a professional service (eg solicitor) whose business is profit-driven, providing non-profit or free services to those that are deserving but otherwise could not afford to access the service. NFP House’s model works the same way, only in reverse. We are a not-for-profit organisation that provides professional corporate services and consultancy through paid and partner arrangements to finance our operational overheads which in turn enables us to achieve our core business of offering affordable services to NFPs.

Our services are flexible and we can usually provide a tailored solution to your needs. Where the help you need is not within our capacity, we may be able to source the appropriate expertise and identify a way to make the service accessible for you.

Where NFP House does not have specialised services inhouse (eg legal, accounting, (remove or) human resources) we may be able to assist you to access other services in these sectors that are suited to NFPs.

You’ve asked the right question. This is our forte. We can work with you to help make sense of everything. Together we can identify opportunities that can make a big difference for a small investment of time. We can’t offer a magic wand, but even when it comes to the more complex challenges, we can help you develop a plan with bite-sized actions to make things feel more manageable and help you achieve a forward momentum towards your desired outcome. Contact us to find out how.

Every introductory meeting is free of charge. At this initial meeting, you can expect that we will want to hear you tell us about the status of your organisation and your goals. We will ask questions to gain a good understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by your organisation and may make some initial suggestions as well as provide options for how NFP House may be able to assist. You will never be under any obligation to source services from or make any payment to NFP House unless you have approved a quote from us for defined services with clear deliverables and timeframes.

Attraction and retention of volunteers is a common challenge for NFPs. The good news is that there are a number of demonstrated success methods to help that can be tailored to the size, shape, and purpose of your organisation. We can assist you through the complete lifecycle of recruitment to the retirement of volunteers and committee members and assist you to develop the structure required to get the very best of every individual involved and have a happy and productive team.

Often the passion that drives volunteers to join a group can be hijacked by the workload of compliance requirements. This can lead to dissatisfaction, unhappy members, and loss of volunteers. While compliance is essential, it doesn’t have to be a drag. We can help you navigate the essential so that you can focus on the satisfying. We are experts in developing policy and process to reduce the set-up headaches for you, but we also design to be fit-for-purpose so your governance process serves you instead of the other way around. If the administration is your point of procrastination, contact us to discuss what can be outsourced including meeting minutes, member databases, mailouts, and registrations.

We can help you find your own answer to that question. Having a documented plan can positively influence many critical elements of running an organisation including meeting compliance requirements, eligibility for funding, insurance costs, the attraction of committee members and volunteers, group dynamics, time efficiencies, and being proactive instead of reactive. Having a plan can be the difference between being successful or not. However, any plan should be fit-for-purpose (suited to the individual needs of your organisation) and easy to read and use. Documents are most useful when open on desks and meeting tables, not when gathering dust on bookshelves. Contact us to work out what level and format of planning will be most effective for your organisation.

If your organisation is already meeting all its needs independently or through another organisation, then there may be no reason for you to access NFP House services. We believe that if it is not broken, don’t fix it! However, from time to time, NFP House may have opportunities that could benefit your organisation such as operational cost-saving initiatives, sector collaboration, or training opportunities, so please feel welcome to join our electronic mailing list to stay updated on opportunities that might benefit you.

NFP House was established in response to an unmet need being experienced by NFPs for support services. While some of the required services were available within the existing supply market, the costs inhibited access for many not-for-profits, excluding them from being part of the active demand. NFP House has been designed specifically to meet the needs of these NFPs. One of NFP House’s key principles is to reduce and avoid duplication and this is extended to our supply philosophy through eligibility criteria which ensures our NFP rates are reserved exclusively for non-profit organisations and activities.

Generally, our NFP rates only apply to groups or organisations whose core activities are non-profit and benefit the Central Queensland community. Our NFP rates may be applied for corporates or individuals facilitating an activity for a charitable purpose or community benefit (eg a community service, fundraiser or awareness project). In most cases we are unable to offer services in support of political or religious campaigns; however religious or political organisations facilitating activity for the sole purpose of the stated criteria are welcome. For-profit businesses are also welcome to access NFP House services at our corporate rates.

NFP House’s aim is to minimise or avoid any duplication or detriment as a side effect of the larger benefits we create. NFP House may apply for funding on behalf of other organisations that do not have the capacity to apply themselves or where the net result may benefit more organisations than if an individual organisation were to be successful. Where NFP House is a recipient of a funding grant and a NFP organisation can demonstrate that they also applied to achieve a similar outcome but were unsuccessful, they may be offered priority to participate in the resulting activity (eg training) delivered by NFP House. NFP House welcomes partnerships with other NFPs and encourages collaborative funding opportunities wherever possible.

NFP House was established to benefit the Central Queensland area. All customers are welcome but will only qualify for our NFP rates if their services directly benefit the communities of Central Queensland.

NFP House can assist any group that is not-for-profit or that offers or intends to offer a benefit to the Gladstone Region community. Your group does not need to be registered or incorporated to receive support. An unincorporated association can be any group of people that come together to pursue a common goal. NFP House is able to auspice projects and funding applications for unincorporated organisations (criteria apply to ensure financial and operational integrity).

NFP House is a community-run organisation, with ongoing opportunities for participation. Our volunteering program offers a wonderful opportunity to grow your skills and experience under experienced mentors in a dynamic work environment or to utilise your existing skills and experience to benefit our region. If you are a business owner or employee of a business that wants to give back or build your connection to the community, contact us to find out how we can assist you to build your community relationships. We can also provide a conduit for you if you have a donation, grant, asset or service that you would like to offer at the community level but don’t have the time available to manage the logistics.

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