NFP House #PINKEDITUP in support of the Boyne Tannum HookUp! - Not-For-Profit House | Gladstone, QLD

NFP House #PINKEDITUP in support of the Boyne Tannum HookUp!

Our support for community events rolled on in April with the annual Boyne Tannum HookUp – Australia’s Biggest Family Fishing Competition!

The Boyne Tannum HookUp are an accommodation partner at NFP House and our staff assisted them with event preparations and across the 3-day event.  We also teamed up with them to help assist and support local businesses by encouraging them to leverage from local events and to also ask the community to back the community-owned event in 2021 by #PinkingitUp for HookUp.  We walked the streets of Boyne, Tannum & Gladstone visiting some of the local businesses in person and delivering starter packs and letters.  We also jumped on board to PINK up our office and outside entrance area.

We were happy to see the 26th annual Boyne Tannum HookUp back in person this year across Bray Park and Memorial Park and wish them continued success for their 27th year!

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