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Grant Writing Program

Providing a free of charge grant writing program to not-for-profit organisations, community groups and businesses within the Gladstone Region Local Government Area. This program is the result of a collaboration between Gladstone Regional Council, Together Gladstone and Shell’s QGC business.

The Grant Writing Program will help local businesses and community groups identify and apply for grants and administer grant funds by:

  • RESEARCHING: Identify and increase visibility of available grants, including government and corporate sector opportunities;
  • WRITING ASSISTANCE: Assist to successfully apply for funding and administer resulting grants;
  • BUILDING SKILLS: Build the skills and capacity to successfully identify and apply for grants into the future

NFP House will be offering both one-on-one support and group workshop opportunities. To be eligible for this service you must be a local business or community group in the Gladstone Region Local Government Area.

Complete an Enrolment Form to register your interest.


COVID-19 Business Recovery

If your NFP is experiencing the impacts of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic and you are unsure what the final consequences will be for the survival of your organisation, we may be able to help you find some clarity amongst the uncertainty. Contact us for your free appointment. We will help you identify a plan forward and reduce the stress of the unknowns. If you have coped through ‘corona’ but are nervous now about the preparedness of your organisation to survive other emergency events such as a natural disaster, we can help you identify the strengths and weakness of your organisation to respond and assist you develop or upgrade your disaster management and business continuity planning to build organisational resilience for future events.



Mentoring can make your work easier, more efficient and more effective and create better outcomes for your NFP and its members or participants. Our region is rich in professionals who benefit from ongoing professional development and training; however, our NFPs often don’t have the extent of funds available in other sectors to develop and upskill employees or leaders. Mentoring helps to bridge that gap by sharing our human capital at all levels of our community.

Our local Mentors come from the commercial, NFP, government and industry sectors and are matched based on their skills, expertise and experience to work with NFPs to assist them grow in capacity, knowledge and competency. Mentors do not provide advice or recommendations, but instead share knowledge and publicly available resources. Mentors can help you navigate problem solving and strategy development through the sharing of experiences from other contexts. NFP House matches you with a Mentor based on your NFP’s needs or opportunities for improvement, to help you learn new ways to save time and money or increase the return on your cash and time investments.

Common areas of skills and knowledge support needs within NFPs are general business management, governance, compliance, finance, financial modelling and projections, compliance, risk, safety, human resources, team management, interpersonal relationships, reputation, marketing and promotion. If you are a NFP and would like to learn more about how you can benefit from a Mentor contact us to find out more.

NFP House’s Corporate Volunteering Program provides a safe, structured environment for business professionals to contribute to our community, as Mentors, by sharing their skills and experience with peers within the NFP sector. We manage the logistics so that you can enjoy the experience. If you would like to find out about how to participate as a Mentor contact us.



NFP House can deliver tailored training to your NFP on a wide range of topics. We will work with you to develop training programs that reflect the unique context and culture of your organisation. We can also assist in the development of tools and processes to ensure that you can extend the outcomes of training for a long as possible or create legacy benefit through embedded process to achieve the best return on your training and development dollar.

If we don’t have direct access to the expertise required, we may be able to outsource in a way that still increases the costs effectiveness for your organisation. If you have identified a training need but don’t have the funds available to achieve it, we may be able to assist you seek funding or support or link you to a similar training opportunity at a reduced cost.


Supporting Traineeships

If your organisation has considered hosting a trainee, work experience placement or volunteer but are lacking the appropriate space or available supervision or resources, we may be able to help. Our Headquarters is set up to provide space for trainees, equipped with laptops, monitors, IT support and office equipment. Our Team are experienced in managing trainees and volunteers and are available to supervise and mentor to enable the best outcomes for both the trainee and the NFP organisation. We can work with you to develop clear scopes of work for your trainee and can supervise the work in a way that builds their skills and experience for future employment opportunity and delivers reliable outcomes for your organisation.


Organisational health checks

Is your goal to build the capacity of your organisation to grow your share of the market, increase sustainability, survive audit or achieve better success with funding applications or tenders but are unsure what improvements need to be made to do this? Our NFP House health checks help us take a snapshot of your organisation at a single point in time to identify what is working well for you, what needs improvement and to pinpoint any gaps or risks. We work with you to assess the current health of your organisation and establish a plan of action to put you on track to achieve your goals.


Profiling and data collection

Do you struggle to communicate the value of your organisation to others and feel like you are frequently overlooked for business opportunities or funding support? We can assist you to articulate the outcomes and worth of your organisation by capturing who you are in a corporate profile or capacity statement and assisting you to measure, illustrate and convey the economic, social or environmental benefits that your organisation provides. NFP House is experienced in developing performance measures and frameworks to help you measure your own success and contextualise it in relation to your sector, community or regional benefit on an ongoing basis.

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