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NFP House supports not-for-profit (NFP) and community groups to access the resources they need. With over 400 NFPs in the Gladstone Region, the potential for us to pool resources provides a wonderful opportunity to reduce costs and increase return.

Our community is rich in funding opportunity and corporate support which results in clubs and organisations being able to secure assets and facilities that are often underutilised. One of our key objectives is to reduce duplication and optimise community assets. We do this by providing a sharing space through which you can borrow or lend equipment and other resources.

NFP House also receives donations in the form of assets from organisations that no longer have a need for them. These assets either join our pool of available equipment for a loan or hire, or can be donated directly to a NFP organisation that has an ongoing need.


Do you have resources to share?

Is your asset gathering dust in the shed or storeroom and only seeing daylight a couple of times a year?

Contact us to find out more about how you might benefit from registering your asset on our NFP House sharing space for a loan or hire.


Do you have resources to donate?

  • NFP House can assist resources be put to good use and take the donation task off your list of to do’s.
  • If you are upgrading or downsizing and your asset disposal policy allows for community donation, we can help facilitate the process.
  • Your donation may either be donated to NFP House as a lending resource, or we help facilitate the donation to NFPs in a transparent and equitable manner.
    Where possible, we may even be able to leverage your donation to achieve further community benefit.

Do you need access to resources?

NFP House has an inventory of owned and loaned equipment suited to projects, events, functions and moves.
If you would like to borrow equipment contact us to find out more about our lending policy and any fees that might be incurred.
NFP House items include:

Resources available for Not-for-Profits in the Gladstone Region to borrow

  • Platform trolley

    300kg maximum load capacity to assist with big moving jobs and/or easier transportation of materials and equipment from office space to storage or event bump in and bump out.

  • All-in-One Portable 100-Watt Speaker with Wireless Microphone, Bluetooth Connectivity and Battery Operation + Spare Corded Microphone

    All-in-one portable PA system with full Bluetooth connectivity. Powerful 100 watts to provide sound for audiences of up to 300 people. Ability to connect iPad, iPhone, iPod or other MP3 players via Bluetooth. Spare, corded microphone also available.

  • Projector & Projector Screen

    Epson EB-S12 projector with power cord, computer cord and remote control. Retractable wall project screen 16:10 ideal for digital projectors (tripod not included).

  • Chairs

    Hard plastic chairs suitable for events and functions (green in colour).

NFP House would like to acknowledge The Rotary Club of Gladstone Sunrise for funding the purchases of the All-in-One PA System, spare microphone and platform trolleys through the 2020 Gladstone Rotary Sunrise Community Grants.

NFP House would like to acknowledge Gladstone Job Skills for donating the Epson projector and screens and Rio Tinto for donating the chairs available to not-for-profits to borrow.

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