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Services for Not-for-Profit & Community Groups

We recognise that every NFP is unique which is why we tailor our services to meet your individual organisation’s needs. To help you get started and identify where we can add the most value for your organisation, here is a list of some of our most popular services.


Information & Advice

NFP House can assist you to navigate compliance, operational management, project design or any other NFP management or governance-related topic.


Governance & Compliance

Training and mentoring to assist you to understand the responsibilities of the organisation and its office bearers and to reduce risk and free you up to focus on your core goals.


Resources & Funding Assistance

Specifically tailored tools, templates and plans to help you run your organisation or group smoothly, optimise outcomes and manage risks.

If you are seeking funding, we can assist you with information and advice, or you can let us take on the workload while you focus on core business.


Referrals & Introductions

If you are looking to extend your networks generally or identify and connect with specific stakeholders or potential partners, we can help connect you and even accompany you to introductory meetings if our assistance can help you reach a successful outcome.


Office Space & Equipment

  • Our Accommodation Partners enjoy long-term occupation of our office space as part of our extended multi-disciplinary team.
  • Hot desk with us - join our team for a day or a short project period to work from a professional and motivational environment.
  • Access to equipment and office resources – if your project requires use of a full equipped events office, we can help you.

Marketing & Design Services

We know how important it is for not-for-profit and community groups to gain exposure! From small promotions to large campaigns, we can work with you to design branding, marketing and social media plans that reflect your group's identity or promotional material that is designed to achieve the best impact.

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Administration Services

  • Ad hoc administrative support when you just need some extra hands during busy times such as registration days, events and conferences.
  • Temporary support during leave of other key representatives that your organisation just can’t cope without.
  • Ongoing support as an honorary team member in your organisation to do those administrative jobs that no one puts their hand up for (i.e. minute taking, updating databases, entering registrations).

Collaboration Opportunities

We LOVE collaboration! Whatever your language: partnership; collaboration; collective impact ... we are all about combining forces for mutual benefit. Wherever possible we will seek to avoid duplication or underutilisation of assets, skills and efforts and will look for collaborative opportunity. We can help you understand your market, audience, sector providers and even competitors and identify opportunities to work together. Together problems can be solved, resources can be optimised and outcomes can be bigger and with more widespread community benefit.

If you are interested in a service that you don’t see listed, please contact us to discuss how we can help.

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