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This is your invitation, join the wave of 3 million Queenslanders and your local community neighbors who are volunteering. Community wants you…there is a way you can get involved!

NFP House values volunteers and understands the important role they play in our community. Volunteering is important for all parts of our community from individuals (wellness, socialising, learning and fun) to businesses (employee engagement, team building and positive community impact) to the whole community (not for profit sustainability, knowledge transfer and economic benefits). Over time we have heard how volunteering has led people to employment, developed lifelong friendships, established community connections and networks, improved physical health and mental wellbeing, provided purpose, supported transition to retirement, built confidence and self esteem, created opportunities to give back to a passion and opportunity to share skills and knowledge.

69% of employee survey respondents volunteered in a formal and/or informal capacity over the past 12 months. (Here4Gladstone survey 2022)

We understand there are reasons that can make it more difficult to volunteer, that’s why NFP House and the Volunteer Portal wants to support YOU to become involved with a volunteering opportunity that suits you ! We understand life can be busy, it can be nerve racking making the initial call, you may be worried to make a long term commitment, you are not sure how to become involved or maybe no one has asked you.

What is volunteering?

Volunteering is ‘time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain’

Formal volunteering that takes place within organisations (including institutions and agencies); and

Informal volunteering (volunteering that takes place outside an organisational setting).

Volunteering Australia Definition of Volunteering FAQs FAQs-Launch-of-Definition-280715-final.pdf (volunteeringaustralia.org)

We know our community has a wealth of diversity that brings different ways of thinking, interpreting and expressing what we do. Words like community giving, helping and serving others might be how you think of volunteering.

If you volunteer or have ever volunteered, NFP House want to say Thank You !

If you haven’t yet started your volunteer journey, we are here to invite you to join the movement of people helping people and support you to find the right volunteer opportunity that matches your interests and availability. Whatever time you have to offer there is a volunteer opportunity that will suit you.

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Why volunteer?

There are so many reasons to volunteer;

  • Develop new skills
  • Gain experience
  • Network
  • Make a difference with skills and experience
  • Meet new people
  • Learn how to do something new
  • Improve chances of finding paid employment
  • Contribute to a cause
  • Act on values, passions and interests
  • Better physical and mental health
  • Build confidence

Here is what locals have to say about what volunteering means to them…

  • Volunteering is a great way to gain diverse knowledge and skills that you can use throughout your lifetime without committing to a career in that field
  • Volunteering has led to conversations, connections and career opportunities
  • Helped me have purpose, taught me confidence, self belief its helped in so many areas of my life
  • Growing as a person through the skills you learn through volunteering
  • Given me an avenue to meet likeminded people
  • Develop great personal and professional friendships
  • It expands my networks
  • Couldn’t imagine doing anything else, it has become a real lifestyle choice
  • I can fit it around all my other commitments
  • Gives so much more than I feel that I’m giving
  • I can put back into my community
  • With the experience I learned through industry and life to help others and mentor others
  • I think volunteering creates great opportunities particularly when you are new to a community
  • Get to meet so many different people
  • Work is fairly generous if I need to duck off and have a meeting with a key stakeholder

How can I volunteer?

The flexibility of volunteering is endless…there are so many different types of opportunities that range in duration, time of day and or week, skills and experience, location (both online and in person) all spread across a wide variety of organisations. We know that your time is precious so we are here to help you find a task or role with an organisation or group that is right for you.

Did you know that 83.6% of organisations find word of mouth the most frequently used strategy to recruit volunteers (State of Volunteering in Queensland Report 2021)? Let’s get talking about volunteering. If you are currently volunteering, ask a friend to join you. If you aren’t yet volunteering but know someone that does ask them if you can join them. If you know someone new to town suggest they register their interest to volunteer on the NFP House Volunteer Portal. Lets get volunteering!!!!

The options are endless.

  • In your own time
  • With a friend or group
  • Through your workplace volunteer program. Ask your boss today.
  • During the week or on weekends
  • One off events and fundraisers
  • Short to long term roles
  • Mentoring others and sharing your knowledge and experience
  • Individual tasks or a position on Management Committee
  • In person or online
  • By yourself or with a group of people

Things to think about when looking to volunteer…

  • What do you want from your volunteering experience?
  • Do you have a passion or interest that you want to get involved in?
  • Do you want to learn something new?
  • What life experience or skill would you like to share?
  • When are you available?

You have something to offer and there is an opportunity for you. Register your interest to volunteer HERE. If you can’t find something to suit or you want to chat further, give us a call, we would love to help you find the right opportunity.

Are you interested in volunteering but not know where to start? Its easy…

  • Register interest through Volunteer Portal
  • Link and apply with organisations that interest you
  • Meet with the organisation…is it right for you?
  • Get started on your volunteer journey!
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