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Report Card

The Gladstone Region NFP Sector Report Card is a tangible tool with robust data used to measure the health of the Not For Profit Sector. It shows areas of excellence as well as highlighting focus areas for improvement. This is essential data to identify where investment should be spent and more importantly, it is a measure tool to demonstrate the impact of this investment.

The report card brings together partner organisations interested in maintaining, or, if necessary, improving the health of the Gladstone Not For Profit Sector. Established in 2022 as a prototype, the collaborative are still seeking members from Government and Industry. Please contact us for a prospectus for sponsorship to support and benefit from the production of the Gladstone Region NFP Sector Report Card.

Report Card Graphic

The report card is a transparent reporting tool synthesising data from 32 benchmarks as indicators for Not For Profit Sector health.  The data which makes up the report card comes from assessing individual Not For Profit (NFP) Organisations. The assessment process is highly beneficial for NFPs as it is a supportive process, assisting them to improve their operations.

The main aims of the report card and assessment are to:

  • Re-affirm the collective commitment to protect and improve the health of the Not For Profit Sector through a strategic approach
  • Identify areas in the sector that require investment, informing decision making
  • Measure the impact of investments
  • Increase the impact of funding investments
  • Reduce the risk that investments are not utilised effectively
  • Drive continuous improvement and capacity building of NFPs
  • A point of connection for NFPs to access support, training and resources
  • Promote a shared understanding of what’s required to flourish as an NFP
  • Develop Not For Profit Industry Standards

Preparing for future stats

The 2023 Gladstone Region NFP Sector Report Card will be released in December 2023. Organisational assessments are occurring continuously throughout the year. Contact us if you are part of an NFP who is interested in doing an assessment and benefitting from the education, tools and pathways gained when completing an assessment.

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