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Services for Corporate Businesses

NFP House can provide you with great quality services at attractive rates even if you don’t qualify for our not-for-profit (NFP) rates. And, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are positively contributing to our local community.

Our corporate services provide the income we require to pay for our operational overheads so that we can make our NFP services more affordable and accessible for the local clubs, groups and organisations that form the social fabric of our community.

Our NFP sector plays a large part in the liveability, attraction and sustainability of our region and in the physical and emotional wellbeing of our community through social, economic and environmental contributions. Our corporate partners contribute to the success of our NFP sector when utilising our services.

If you are a ‘for’-profit enterprise, you can access any of our NFP services at our corporate rate along with a range of other customised products to meet your needs.

  • data

    Regional NFP Sector Research & Statistical Data

    NFP House can assist with research and data collection, collation, analysis and reporting to assist you with your strategic planning and performance measurement. We have identified data gaps that detriment the understanding of how valuable a role our NFP sector plays in the economic and social wellbeing of our region. NFP House is eager to partner with organisations for mutual benefit to capture the data that will assist to tell the full story and help leverage this regional strength for even greater outcomes.

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    Eligibility & Sustainability of Potential NFP Partners

    Even if you have an existing system to manage your social investments and community partnerships, NFP House can offer enhanced outcomes for your investment and get you more bang for your investment buck. NFP House can assist with eligibility reviews and can even offer benefit to unsuccessful applicants through capacity building support as part of the feedback process.

    As a third party, we can work with your potential partners to build their capacity and value as a community partner, in a way that does not impose any risk on the partnership relationship. Where a partner needs assistance in governance or financial management to more effectively measure and report on partnership outcomes, or a continuous improvement program to assist their management of on-time, on-budget deliverables, NFP House can mentor their development for their benefit and yours.

  • people-orange

    Corporate Volunteering – Mentor Program

    The Gladstone Region is rich in skills and expertise. An extraordinary opportunity exists to further grow our NFP sector capacity through access to local expert Mentors. Our NFP House Corporate Volunteering Program is available to any individual or business that would like to donate hours (minimum total 5) to support a local NFP to expand its capacity and grow its community value. We take away the logistics and risk management challenges so that you can get the best outcome in return for each hour donated.

    Common areas of skills and knowledge needs within NFPs are general business management, governance, compliance, finance, financial modelling and projections, legal, risk, safety, human resources and IR, team management, interpersonal relationships, reputation, marketing and promotion. We are interested in any professional skills you have to offer even if your available hours are limited. Mentors do not provide advice or recommendations, but instead share knowledge and publicly available resources. A screening and induction process applies.

  • megaphone-grey

    Marketing & Events Associated with Community Investment Programs

    NFP House can assist to market your NPF opportunities through traditional marketing supports or via our own stakeholder communications channels and activity. Our database of over 400 subscribers allows us to reach a wider NFP sector audience or we can target our communications to a specific interest. We are event experts and can work with you from concept through implementation to reporting of outcomes. We have high standards of safety and professionalism and are focused on enhancing your reputation through the delivery of your bespoke events and activities.

  • funding

    Funding Leverage for Increased Return on Investment

    NFP House can assist organisations to leverage their existing funding or investments for further reach and return. In partnership with NFP House or other appropriately matched NFPs or entities in our region, we can help use your contribution to attract further funding or in-kind support. Time is often a critical factor in how much help we can offer, so we would encourage you to contact us as early as possible in your planning, even if the concept hasn’t even reached paper.

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