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Art of Nurturing Volunteers: Strategies for Organisations

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Volunteers are the backbone of our not for profit organisations, yet despite their crucial role, volunteer management often gets overlooked. Managing volunteers, especially while many of us are volunteers ourselves, presents a unique set of challenges. The crux lies in harnessing their potential and in enduring their experiences are fulfilling and growth oriented. The absence of a structured support system can lead to a disconnect, impacting not only the volunteer’s experience but also the overall efficacy of the organisation. Recognising this gap, it’s imperative that we adopt a more strategic approach to volunteer management. Here are some ideas…

1. Implement a Conflict Resolution Policy
Conflicts, when not addressed properly, can tarnish the volunteer experience and the organisation’s environment. Instituting a clear conflict resolution policy provides a framework for addressing disputes fairly and efficiently, ensuring that volunteers feel heard and valued.

2. Establish a Training and Support Procedure
Volunteers come from diverse backgrounds, bringing a wide array of skills and experiences. A structured training and support procedure not only equips them with the knowledge necessary to contribute effectively but also signals the organisation’s investment in their personal development.

3. Introduce a Volunteer Satisfaction Process
Regular feedback is crucial in any role, and volunteering is no exception. Implementing a process to gauge volunteer satisfaction helps identify areas of improvement, fostering a culture of continuous enhancement. This feedback loop can also highlight success stories, providing motivation and a sense of achievement.

4. Develop an Induction Process
First impressions matter. An induction process for new volunteers sets the tone for their engagement, ensuring they feel welcomed, valued, and well-informed about the organization’s mission, values, and expectations.

Let us remember that the essence of volunteerism is not just about filling roles but nurturing a community of dedicated individuals who share a common vision. Through thoughtful management and support, we can ensure that this invaluable resource—our volunteers—is both celebrated and preserved.

If you’re volunteering for a not for profit and could use some help with volunteer management, contact Not For Profit House or check out our volunteering portal at

Happy volunteering!! 

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