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Elevating Community Engagement: Essential Communication Strategies for your Not for Profit

Check out our newest fortnightly editorial in the CQ Today (10th April 2024).


To amplify your impact and mitigate risks, consider these communication enhancements:

  1. Diversify your communication channels. A recent survey revealed a 40% increase in stakeholder engagement after diversifying communication channels.
    • Is it time to consider Instagram, tiktok or a newsletter?
    • Would a project management software be more effective for your management committee to communicate via, such as asana, Monday.com, Microsoft teams, trello etc.
  2. Monitor the response/participation rates to your communications and fine tune your messaging to increase uptake. Not getting any replies/responses/attendance? Something needs to change! Consider reviewing the messaging – how could you make it clearer and simpler. Timing is also important – did people get enough notice and were reminders at a pertinent time?
  3. Ensure your organisation is using a cloud based storage system. Surprisingly enough some clubs are still saving documents to their personal computers or even using paper! This is a huge risk to the sustainability of your organisation. Ensuring that all key stakeholders have access to vital organisational documents is also a transformative step towards operational efficiency.
  4. Ensure privacy protocols are in place to protect your members data.
  5. Agree on how you are going to name your documents and set up a simple to follow folder structure for saving. Although it may seem mundane, establishing a consistent naming convention and an intuitive folder structure for documents can drastically reduce time spent searching in the future.

If you’re volunteering for a not for profit and could use some help, contact Not For Profit House or check out our Volunteer Portal at nfphouse.org.au.

Happy volunteering!! 

Lois from NFP House, where you can contact us anytime, to make a difference to your life and our community!   

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