Gladstone Region NFP Sector 2023 Report Card Launch - Not-For-Profit House | Gladstone, QLD
2023 Report Card launch

Gladstone Region NFP Sector 2023 Report Card Launch

Check out the article that was published in the Gladstone News following our 2023 Regional Report Card Launch (14th December 2023).


On Tuesday the 5th of December, NFP House Gladstone held a launch for their Gladstone Region NFP Sector 2023 Report Card.

This is the first report card of its kind to monitor the health of the not for profit sector in the Gladstone Region.  Gladstone is taking the lead as this is not done anywhere else in Australia … yet!

“We would like to extend our thanks to the sponsors – Gladstone Area Water Board, ConocoPhillips, Here for Gladstone, Gladstone Regional Council, Community Bank Calliope and Gladstone and Queensland Energy Resources.  The 50 not for profit community organisations have been helped through the assessment process to create this overarching report card for our region.”

“This report card allows us, for a fact, to see where not for profits are thriving and where they could use support.  We have always tried to understand this and address this; however, without accurate data, we are missing the mark and are seeing the same challenges arise, year after year – a decrease in volunteers, an increase in mental health issues, a reduction in community wellbeing, a low return on investment for funders.  The report card now provides us with a tangible tool to measrue the not for profit sector, so that we can manage and influence it more effectively.”

Conclusions from the report card highlight that most organisations didn’t meet the satisfactory standard (C) on 40% of the benchmarks and require further support in several areas, including:

  • Policy and procedure development
  • Marketing
  • Social media (creation of posts and scheduling)
  • Facility and equipment planning
  • Risk management planning
  • Strategic planning’
  • Budgeting
  • Maintenance planning

“If you have one of these skills and could help, please register as a volunteer and express your interest on the NFP House Portal at

To read the article in the Gladstone News Issue 270 click here (page 9).

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