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Taking Personal Responsibility for your Wellbeing When Volunteering

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Volunteering is a rewarding endeavour, offering a chance to give back and foster a sense of connection, however, too often, we experience conflict and disharmony in community organisations. Maintaining personal wellbeing is crucial to ensure a positive experience and to minimise conflict.

Volunteers often invest significant time and energy into their roles, driven by passion and commitment. Yet, this dedication can sometimes lead to burnout, stress, fatigue, which not only affect personal health but can also create tensions within the organisation. When volunteers are overworked or stressed, they may become irritable, less patient, less open and more prone to misunderstandings, leading to conflicts with fellow volunteers or the community they serve.

It is essential for volunteers to prioritise their wellbeing to ensure they are open. This may involve taking breaks, seeking support and not overcommitting. Open communication is also vital, regularly checking in with each other and the different perspectives, being open to different opinions and working together to problem solve.

By recognising and addressing the importance of wellbeing, volunteers will be more which will support our community organisations to be more sustainable and productive.

If you’re volunteering for a not for profit and could use some help, contact Not For Profit House or check out our Volunteer Portal at nfphouse.org.au.

Happy volunteering!! 

Lois from NFP House, where you can contact us anytime, to make a difference to your life and our community!   

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