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Volunteering Differently

Check out the first of many fortnightly NFP House editorials in the Gladstone Today (20th July 2023).


Do you feel like you could be contributing more to your community? Have you considered volunteering, and if you do already volunteer, is your volunteer experience a great one?

Volunteering is changing. You probably think of volunteering as a daunting responsibility, a long-term commitment. It no longer is! There are so many ways you can get involved and have your hand held doing it.

The options are endless as now is all about the task and not a dreaded position on a committee. One option is to volunteer remotely from home where you can practice new skills and feel great giving back to the community. Building your confidence, meeting a community organisation’s Management Committee and helping them to build their policy suite, their marketing, strategic, maintenance, risk or facility plan.

Or another option which will have you feeling the buzz from connecting with new people is helping them out physically, getting your hands dirty at the local community garden or sporting field or mowing the lawn. Enjoying the fresh air whilst doing something for others. Another way of connecting is serving meals at the shelter and feeling satisfied knowing you’ve helped those less fortunate.

Maybe you might just want to use the skills you already have or do something completely outside your norm. You name it and community organisations could use your help with it!

We have all heard at least one bad story about volunteering, but don’t let that stop you from trying again, because obviously that wasn’t the right fit for you. There is a great volunteer fit out there for you which will really contribute to making this region fantastic.

If you need help connecting you can go to NFP House’s online Volunteer Portal and can pick up ‘one-off’ pieces of volunteering which will enrich your life.

Happy volunteering!!

Lois from NFP House, where you can contact us anytime, to make a difference to your life and our community!

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